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Virtual Sports Rules:

Jenningsbet now features exciting Virtual Sports events delivered in high quality video streams from Kiron.

Bets on Virtual Sports are settled the same way as for normal horse or greyhound racing. The outcome of the event depends on the number selected by a Random Number Generator (RNG).
Each horse is weighted according to its odds.
The higher the price the less numbers will be allocated to it and therefore the less chance it has of being selected as the winner. However, if it does win, the odds and payout will be correspondingly higher.
The overall payout will therefore be in proportion to the chances a selection has of winning, with a percentage deducted by Jenningsbet. This deduction leaves an average return to the customer of 90%.
The RNG has been independently tested by a GB Gambling Commission accredited testing supplier (Gaming Laboratories International).
Selections taken from different Virtual Events may be combined in Win-Only multiple bets (e.g. Doubles, Trebles, Accumulators, etc).
Each-Way or Place only bets are not accepted.

Bet Settlement:
We can display either fractional or decimal odds. However, all settlement calculations use the underlying decimal odds, so there can be cases where the fractional value is not representative of the exact payout you may receive.
There may be times where fewer decimal places are displayed than stored for brevity. In these instances, the full decimal price will still be used for settlement.

Virtual Horses:
Virtual Greyhounds:
Virtual Football:
Virtual Motor Racing:

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